Campaign File Destination

Campaigns output data files to an FTP site. You will have access to an MG2 FTP site, or we can add the FTP site of your channel marketing vendor.

For MG2 use, files must be .txt, pipe delimited, no qualifiers. You can include or exclude the file header row, depending on use. For instance - files presented for automated emails must not contain a file header. Files being sent to a direct mail vendor should typically contain a file header. See "Campaign Filename Syntax" article for required filename prefix rules.

MG2 FTP folder destinations for campaign files:                    

  • Email_Auto: This is the destination for auto emails. Users should NOT choose this folder in campaign tactics. Auto email files must be directed to the History_Auto folder                    
  • History_Auto: This is the destination for files from auto email campaigns. Files that hit this folder are sent to the Auto_Email folder, and to the History folder automatically                    
  • History: Destination for non-auto email files. This folder sends a copy of the file to the history FTP and to an archive folder within this history folder                  
  • User_Folder: Destination for any files that does not need to go to history or automation. Typically used when testing data.                    
    • If you want to test a file prior to submitting it to history, this is where you would send it. If the file is verified, then place it manually into the history folder                    
      • If you do this, it must be placed in the history folder on the same day that the email is going out (not the case for DM or TM files - those have call or mail dates built into the data)   
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