How Category-Specific Unsubscribing Works

Category-specific unsubscribes use Subscriber Concierge events to indicate opt-outs. These events are used in conjunction with personal recipient information and a landing page to confirm an opt-out from a specific type of email.

Typically, those email categories are:

  • eEdition daily emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Subscription related emails
  • Membership related emails

These events can vary by client, and are established when planning and deploying Subscriber Concierge. Each event is represented by a number - these numbers can be different from client to client. See your project manager for email category opt-out events specific to your property.

Within the HTML of an email, a special URL is created that contains personal information and the specific event type. That URL is constructed as such:[AccountNumber]&e=#Listrak\Email#

  • SubConDomain: Your MG2 customer service website domain.
  • 514: Represents the opt-out event for eEdition daily emails
  • [AccountNumber]: A personalization tag that pulls-in the recipients account number
  • #Listrak\Email#: Code that pulls-in the recipients email address


NOTE: Since an account number is required, this process only works when your audience consists of current or former subscriber for whom you have an account number. For campaigns that target "nevers", a global unsubscribe method must be used. Instead of the URL above, use [[ListrakUnsubscribe]]. This will unsubscribe a user from the specific MG2 Mail list. That unsubscribe then flows back to the Open Intelligence database and is flagged as a DNE (global do not email).

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