Data Flow Overview

MG2 Mail is fully integrated with G2 Discovery and the Open Intelligence database.

  • Data from the circulation system, Subscriber Concierge, Solicitor Concierge, and other sources are combined in MG2's proprietary Open Intelligence Database.
  • G2D used the OI database to create analytical reports, segment documents, and especially multi-channel campaigns.
  • Email campaign output can be performed two ways:
    • Automated integration into MG2 Mail through an API
    • Manually loaded into MG2 Mail by the user
  • MG2 Mail (Listrak) is list centric - where a "list" is a data set that can be accessed by one or more messages. A "message"  consists of HTML (or plain text) and settings that use all or some of the list for bulk email sends.
  • Disposition data from MG2 Mail flows back into G2D history tables for use in reporting and campaign reference.



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