Google Chrome - Silverlight Issue

If you use the Chrome browser, you may have received recent notification that NPAPI plugins may not work. The notification included this link for more information:

If your are currently experiencing Chrome issues with Silverlight, the link above includes information on how to enable the NPAPI plugin.

However, once Chrome updates to version 45, NPAPI plugins will no longer be supported. This means you will not be able to access G2 Discovery via the Chrome browser. The approximate date for version 45 is September 2015.

If you want to continue to use Chrome, you will need to turn off auto-update so that you don't update to version 45:

  1. Open Chrome and go to - chrome://plugins/
  2. Find "Google Update" and click disable.



Internet Explorer and Firefox will continue to support Silverlight. You may want to transition to one of those browsers prior to September 2015. Firefox does have a bug - the "Filter" button in the Campaign Calendar page does not work in Firefox.

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