Campaign history layouts

The mechanism that adds campaign data to our history tables is automated. The process will recognize only those file layouts that have been pre-developed.

For every table that a campaign can be resolved to, there must be an accompanying, pre-established layout for each channel (email, direct mail, telemarketing).

These layouts contain two types of data:

  1. data fields that are needed by our history response rules, a channel vendor, or our email automation process
  2. data fields that may be needed for a particular marketing effort (such as expire date or account number) or for future reporting purposes

The creation of these layouts is typically a joint effort between G2D support and the client. Once established and in use, the process to change a template can be complicated and must only be done by G2D support personnel.

If you are executing campaigns using on-the-fly file layouts without "writing" them to history, reporting on the results of those campaigns will be very limited.

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