Auto Email Integration Self-Serve (for authorized clients only)

Full integration of an auto-email campaign requires several steps. Typically, G2D support assists with auto-email integrations because some of these steps are somewhat technical and critical.

For clients who feel they have the technical ability and complete understanding of the process, we allow them to set up integration from start to finish.

Following are the requirements and procedures. Contact a G2D support team member if you would like to consider handling these steps internally.

G2D campaign set up

Use a pre-established history template

These templates are data field layouts created by MG2 and are based on the different tables to which campaigns can be resolved. Non pre-established templates will not work in this email automation process.

Insert the Listrak List_ID and Message_ID into their respective template fields. These ID's identify which Listrak list and message are to be used.

      • Step 1 - Create a list and message in Listrak

      • Step 2 - Use the "Contact Lists" tool in to find the List_ID and Message_ID

      • Step 3 - Add the Message_ID to the message name for future reference

      • Step 4 - Add the List_ID and Message_ID to their appropriate fields in the campaign layout

  • Step 5 - Set send_flag field to "Y"

Properly configure filename for the specific history template used. Set FTP destination for History_Auto. "Insert File Header" not checked


Configured tracks for a one time OR ongoing schedule

API setup

Set layout details to match the campaign history template (only G2D support can do this)

Set campaign filename in API and point to proper layout

Listrak setup

Setup list and message - (see steps above)

Set up a Field Group - Use the pre-established template. This template will match the fields that are setup in the API, and in the campaign template

  • Completely test HTML message
  • Set message filter to "send_flag=Y"

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