How to Triage E-notification Support Calls

When a subscriber calls the helpdesk to report that they are no longer receiving their daily e-notify email, there should be a few questions/clarifications that should be asked, prior to submitting a Zendesk ticket to MG2.

- Verify that the email address is a valid address.

- Verify that the email address is linked to an active account that is entitled to the digital product.

- Verify that the email preference checkbox for receiving e-notify is checked.

The reason that this topic came up, is because we noticed that some of these tickets could have easily resolved if the user logs in, and sees the box is unchecked. The subscriber could simply check the box, and save the change. 

For example: Let’s say that the subscriber was getting e-notification, but they clicked the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. After not receiving the email for a few days, they change their mind, and call the helpdesk to get help with receiving it again.

If a subscriber wants to receive e-notification again, email preference record in the database has to be changed back to opt-in by a subscriber. Talking a subscriber through the process of logging in to the subcon site and navigating to email preferences, then clicking the box to opt-in would solve this, without the need to create a Zendesk ticket.

Now if the checkbox is checked, and they are not receiving the e-notification please send us a Zendesk ticket with account number to triage on MG2 side.

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